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Diversity and Inclusion Council |

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Did you know that if women played an identical role in labour markets to that of men, as much as US$28 trillion could be added to global annual GDP by 2025?1

A recent Kinsey report shows that if women — who account for half the world’s working-age population — do not achieve their full economic potential, the global economy will suffer. On the other hand, if all countries matched the rate of improvement of the fastest-improving country in their region, they could add as much as $12 trillion, or 11 per cent, in annual 2025 GDP!

Moreover, recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that women still only represent 24 per cent of the total technology industry workforce in Australia.2

Through a number of initiatives, Motorola Solutions is doing its part to support female representation in the IT industry. Initiatives such as Females in Technology and Telecommunications (FITT) sponsorship and the Women’s Business Council, Motorola Solutions aim is to improve diversity and provide networking and mentoring opportunities for women within the company and the industry.

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Over several years, Motorola Solutions staff – both men and women – have had the opportunity to meet and listen to inspirational and interesting speakers onsite. Past speakers have included Mia Klitsas, founder of Moxie; John Rosewarne, board member of White Ribbon; and, most recently, Samantha Hunter, CEO of Crime Stoppers Victoria (pictured below).

Crime Stoppers Victoria

Samantha Hunter, CEO of Crime Stoppers Victoria, presents Steve Crutchfield with recognition of our ongoing sponsorship.

The council aims to promote female talent and women in leadership positions; promote networking opportunities for women in MSI; drive internal change within MSI leadership and HR practises to support gender equality; and support external organisations that promote gender equality.

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