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Victorian Government Radio and Data Projects |

Managed Services
Victorian Government Radio and Data Projects

In 2003, the Victorian Government chose Motorola to provide an integrated public safety Mobile Data Network (MDN). The system, now a success story being closely observed by other Government agencies both in the region and around the world, allows the state’s public safety agencies to share information and communicate more effectively. The integrated solution is part of Motorola’s extensive portfolio of integrated communications and information  solutions designed to address mission-critical public safety and security requirements worldwide.

At the time, the Government was seeking a high-tech interactive data communications system would boost response capabilities and slash paperwork for police and paramedics.

Ministers have moved on and Governments have changed, but the system is delivering on its
promises, dramatically reducing response times and allowing police and paramedics to arrive at
emergencies and crime scenes better briefed than ever before.

The investment was part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to providing safer streets, homes
and workplaces through an emergency services data network which is independent of the states
Metropolitan Radio Network, also provided by Motorola. 

The mutual redundancy provided by independent systems is a key peg in the state’s emergency and
disaster planning and response capabilities.

Spiros Nikolakopoulos, managing director of Motorola Solutions, said Motorola Solutions was an obvious choice
to provide the Mobile Data Network (MDN) for Victoria, drawing on 70 years of experience in meeting
the mission critical needs of public safety agencies.

“We are excited to be part of a success story under the Partnerships Victoria framework and look
forward to further serving the emergency services of the state and the public of Victoria. The pacesetting movile data technology has placed Victoria’s emergency services on the world map as leaders in law enforcement and public safety. It has given the State’s emergency services the ability to do their jobs better and provides solutions that can help them save lives and protect the community,” Mr Nikolakopoulos said.

The MDN system enables:

  • important information about an emergency and the people involved to be sent directly to
    officers in the field;
  • maps to be displayed on computer screens to pinpoint the location of an emergency;
  • mobile access to databases such as vehicle registration and licence information
  • police and emergency workers to submit paperwork via computer while still in the field;
  • police and paramedics to use in-vehicle computers to access, complete and dispatch
    information in the field;
  • in-vehicle connection with Emergency Communications Victoria’s (ECV) Computer Aided
    Dispatch (CAD) system for accurate job despatch and status information; and
  • Automatic Vehicle Location system to track emergency services vehicles, enabling dispatch of
    the closest vehicles to an emergency.

In the first phase of the contract, Motorola Solutions fitted out 700 Victoria Police operational vehicles and 310
ambulances. In addition, communications software applications were installed at every police station in
the operational area and key links provided for police and ambulance from regional and central

The MDN is based on a number of Motorola’s technology platforms, integrated to form an end-to-end
wireless information network.

One of the key technologies is Motorola’s Premier MDC mobile data application, a client-server architecture customised for police, fire, ambulance and other emergency service users. This application runs on Motorola’s latest mobile data terminal, the MW800, a Pentium IV based computer especially designed for use in vehicles to meet stringent safety requirements and Australian Design Rules. The Premier MDC application sends and received information from the emergency services computer-aided dispatch centres, databases and other information stores via a high-throughput mobile data network based on Motorola’s dedicated wireless data technology, RD-Lap.

Another critical aspect of the MDN service is its ability to capture detailed information about when, where and how data is transmitted and received, to ensure users are gaining maximum use of the service and that response times in emergencies are the minimum possible. A Network Operations and Control Centre (NOCC) provides this data management function. This NOCC is also be the maintenance and support hub with 24×7 operations, management and support.

The network is one of the most significant Australian developments in community safety in decades
With its capability for accessing police databases quickly and securely in the field – it is an important
weapon in apprehending wanted persons, fighting car theft, allowing police to quickly check vehicle
registrations and search databases for stolen vehicles.

MDN is a “Partnerships Victoria” project and as such Motorola will own and operate the system for a minimum period of five years. The State Government will have the option to extend the service provision or purchase the MDN equipment at the conclusion of the project.

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