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TR Hirecom Provides Critical Communications for Darwin V8 Supercars |

TR Hirecom Provides Critical Communications for Darwin V8 Supercars

TR Hirecom has been a critical communications partner for the Darwin V8 Supercars since 2008, deploying Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus and digital mobile radios.

This article, by TR Hirecom’s Ben Pollock, originally appeared here

Hidden Valley Raceway is part of the Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex, located 10 kilometres from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex includes a one kilometre drag racing track (which runs alongside the main straight of the raceway circuit), the 400 metre long Northline Speedway, a mud racing circuit, motorcross tracks, and a go-kart circuit. Hidden Valley Raceway holds an annual round of the International V8 Supercars Championship.

Since 1998, the V8 Supercar races have been held at Hidden Valley Raceway. Currently known as the CrownBet Darwin Triple Crown, the 2008 event was voted the V8 Supercar Event of the Year. TR Hirecom is proud to have been the critical communications partner for the award winning 2008 event and every event since then. We are very excited to be a part of this years’ event celebrating 20 years of V8 Supercars at the Hidden Valley Raceway.

V8 Supercars long

Event requirements

NT Major Events relies on TR Hirecom to provide efficient and effective critical communications, ensuring all teams remain connected for the duration of the event. Two-way radios are deployed to all teams including emergency services, security, race control, event and site management, catering and many more.

There are many challenges in providing clear and consistent communications in an event such as the V8 Supercars Championship. The noisy environment, coupled with the inherent danger of race cars loaded with fuel and travelling at speeds in excess of 270 km/h, makes it essential to have clear and consistent communications.

With so many radio users and functions, managing the fleet through the event can be extremely challenging. If not done properly it could result in severely reduced operational capacity, lost equipment or suspension of the race meeting.

TR Hirecom solution

This year TR Hirecom has built, installed and managed all radio communications for the Darwin V8 Supercars event. At the centre of the solution is a multi-site MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system supporting nearly 500 radios across 18 talk groups.

With a multitude of RF noise across the site and limited antenna space, TR Hirecom have designed and installed site specific combiners, filters and antennas to reduce ambient RF noise and bit rate error.

TR Hirecom engineers arrive onsite several days prior to the event to install the system, conduct RF mapping and perform user acceptance testing. The team then remains onsite for the duration of the event to manage the radio distribution, deliver radio usage and facilitate etiquette training.

During the event, TR Hirecom monitors the MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system and radio network with a constant performance capture and a series on condition monitoring trigger points. These trigger points send alarms should transmit/receive performance alter. If the system loses power, the alarms will not only go off, but the system will switch to battery backup.

After successful completion of the event, TR Hirecom demobilises the site and conducts a debrief with the NT Major Events team before leaving the site as we found it and suggesting any improvements for the following year.

TR Hirecom has a strong reputation for providing critical communications to suit all types of events. If you have an upcoming event for which you require a reliable communications system, contact TR Hirecom today!

For more information, visit and contact a friendly team members across Australia, New Zealand or Malaysia.