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The Final Principle of NGMI: Partnerships |

Public Safety Solutions
Motorola Solutions
The Final Principle of NGMI: Partnerships

Our previous articles covered the first three principles: mobility, connections and intelligence. The final principle of our vision for the future of public safety is “partnerships”.

Next Generation Mobile Intelligence (NGMI) creates opportunities to realise a broadband-enabled future. We understand that reaching peak levels of performance and capability through NGMI is an opportunity too great for Motorola Solutions to manage alone. That’s why we combine our expertise, technology, history of innovation and public safety experience with leading industry partners to help agencies to achieve the best results.

Partnership with the public safety industry and community helps to bring different capabilities, expertise and skillsets together to develop the next generation of technology solutions. Partners may include a variety of vendors, industry organisations, governments and end-user organisations.

Results of successful partnership may include complete and seamless integration of an agency’s communication environment or the creation of new intelligence platforms, applications and systems. Agencies can integrate a combination of solutions from device manufacturers, application developers, carriers and network providers, as well as from solutions providers that partner with us.

For first responders – firefighters in a bushfire, paramedics travelling to an emergency or police officers attending an accident – the integration of different technology and technology providers must be seamless. These officers only need to know that technology works when it should.

Recent partnerships

This year saw many great partnerships develop between Motorola Solutions and other organisations.

Gridstone brings to Motorola Solutions extensive expertise in highly customised mobility applications for the Asia-Pacific region. Gridstone develops mobile applications across many platforms, with a specialist capability for native applications on Apple’s iOS. Gridstone’s strengths lie in the ability to simplify complex workflow challenges through smart technology, which builds on our experience in delivering essential communications and workflow solutions and services throughout the region. Understanding Gridstone’s strong fit with our solutions portfolio, we acquired the company in November 2016.

In another example, the recent hackathon in Brisbane was a successful collaboration between Motorola Solutions, the State of Queensland, Amazon Web Services and Telstra. The event brought together some of Australia’s leading minds from three software development firms and Queensland’s public safety agencies with the objective of applying innovation and creativity to develop apps that could help the agencies to work more efficiently. A major factor in the success of the hackathon was the direct consultation between the agencies and developers for an understanding of the real challenges faced by emergency workers. By facilitating these partnerships, truly innovative technical solutions can be developed.

Our partnership with Spark exemplifies a joint collaboration that increases our capability, as Spark is a strong and capable partner who understands the public safety sector in New Zealand. Motorola Solutions worked closely with New Zealand Fire Service to produce a remote speaker microphone which integrates within firefighters’ breathing apparatus. Spark provides in-country support for the solution including service management and a customer support desk, further enhancing the on-ground experience for New Zealand’s fire fighters.

By joining with carefully selected expert partners, we can provide comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Partnering with our customers

Of course, one of our most important partnerships is with our customers. At Motorola Solutions we are grateful to have customers who partner with us to help address their unique challenges and needs for mission-critical communications.

One of these customers is Western Australia Police (WAPOL). Over the past 15 years, Motorola Solutions has worked closely with WAPOL. Beginning with simple voice communications devices and networks, the solutions deployed today are vastly more sophisticated, delivering timely and critical information and data to the officer in the field, thereby aiding decision-making and improving situational awareness and potential outcomes. In 2015, WAPOL signed an agreement for the deployment of Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne CAD (computer aided dispatch) system and locally developed frontline mobility application, Mobile Intelligence Client, in order to integrate critical information between the agency’s databases, command centre and operational officers.

We also have strong partnerships with other government agencies and emergency services providers, in the provision of whole-of-government solutions in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Bringing it all together

This concludes our four part series on the four principles of NGMI. With the powerful combination of mobility, connections, intelligence and partnerships, NGMI puts intelligence into the hands of first responders over a choice of devices, networks and application – when they need it most.


Graeme Stanley

Public Safety Solutions, Motorola Solutions

Graeme Stanley has been involved with technology and communications in Australia for over 25 years. Graeme has been instrumental in the delivery of major public safety projects and leading solution developments since joining Motorola Solutions in 1999. Formal qualifications in engineering, project management and business have enabled Graeme to focus on leveraging technology to deliver operational and business driven outcomes to stakeholders. ...