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SmartCom: Our Award-Winning Site! |

SmartCom: Our Award-Winning Site!

We are delighted to share the good news that SmartCom has won two 2015 Melbourne Design Awards; silver for mobile web site experience and silver for digital web site experience.

SmartCom is updated in real time with Motorola Solutions articles, press releases, case studies, white papers and much more – specifically for Australia and New Zealand.

These awards look for innovation and creativity in the design of a unique user experience with a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video and interactive content. Winning both awards means that not only is SmartCom a great user experience on the web site, but also that the site is an easy, user-friendly experience accessible via a range of mobile devices.

Some of the best features of the new site include:

  • Clean, simple and professional design that makes the content the main feature.
  • Three mega-menus for simple and easy navigation.
  • Animation to enhance the user experience and better performance.
  • Ability to share any article on social networks.
  • “Similar articles” algorithm to share content with visitors so they “consume” more. 

SmartCom is your local hub for everything happening within our local business. Check it regularly for new content and feel free to share this via the LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter icons, or email articles to interested parties.