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Seeing Around Corners: The Rise of Context-Rise Applications |

Public Safety Apps
Public Safety Solutions
Motorola Solutions
Seeing Around Corners: The Rise of Context-Rise Applications

New, intelligent technology that helps first responders work more efficiently and safely will make a fundamental difference in today’s public safety environment, published in Emergency Services, and written by Graeme Stanley, public safety solutions architect at Motorola Solutions. Click here to read Seeing Around Corners: The Rise of Context-Rise Applications.

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Graeme Stanley

Public Safety Solutions, Motorola Solutions

Graeme Stanley has been involved with technology and communications in Australia for over 25 years. Graeme has been instrumental in the delivery of major public safety projects and leading solution developments since joining Motorola Solutions in 1999. Formal qualifications in engineering, project management and business have enabled Graeme to focus on leveraging technology to deliver operational and business driven outcomes to stakeholders. ...