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New Research into IT Trends in Big Data and Analytics |

New Research into IT Trends in Big Data and Analytics

We have recently commissioned an important independent research project with EY Sweeney* into the challenges that businesses face in realising the potential productivity and customer service gains through data and analytics.

The independent survey interviewed 130 respondents and was conducted by EY Sweeney*. Interviewees were carefully screened to ensure that they held decision-making responsibility within their organisation for the implementation and/or procurement of IT systems. The respondents work in IT, operations, supply chain, compliance/administration or occupational health & safety roles, and the majority of respondents work within the IT function of their respective organisation. Most interviewees hold, at a minimum, managerial positions within their organisation.

A comprehensive range of industries is covered, including construction, hospitality, transport and logistics, mining, utilities, private security, retail and technology sectors.

Both Australia and New Zealand responses were canvassed with 84 per cent from Australia and 16 per cent from New Zealand.

The results have been both unexpected and unsurprising. While some trends were confirmed, some of the issues and challenges reported were both unanticipated and revealing.

We are very excited about releasing our findings soon, so watch this space!

* EY Sweeney was formed when Sweeney Research joined  Ernst & Young in 2014