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Crime Stoppers Victoria |

Crime Stoppers Victoria

The Motorola Foundation has been proudly supporting and sponsoring Crime Stoppers Victoria since 2003.

[At right: Samantha Hunter, former CEO of Crime Stoppers Victoria, presents Steve Crutchfield, managing director, Motorola Solutions with a token of appreciation.]

Crimes Stoppers Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation provides a vital link between the community and Victoria Police. The core activity for Crime Stoppers Victoria is providing a facility for the receipt of confidential telephone calls and online reports from the public about possible criminal activity, and ensuring that the resulting information reaches those whose hold responsibility for investigating such matters.

In 2012, Executive Director of Crime Stoppers Victoria, Peter Sprott, congratulated Motorola Solutions for its involvement:

“The contribution Motorola Solutions has made to Crime Stoppers in Victoria, and consequently to make our families and communities safer, is enormous. As a registered not-for-profit charity, without the dedicated support of Motorola Solutions we would not be able to continue the work we do. We continue to provide a vital service to Victorians which has been superbly supported by Motorola Solutions for eight years.”

Crime Stoppers attracts a high volume of calls and internet-based contacts from the community. The call centre processed 45,243 calls and produced 17,600 information reports for Victoria Police, including 3,596 from internet reports.

The type of information received from the community and what type of crimes are solved include:

  • Homicide and violent crime
  • Illegal importing of drugs and contraband
  • Sexual assault cases
  • Clandestine drug laboratories and illegal drug dealers
  • Dangerous “hoon” driving
  • Stolen property, theft and burglary
  • Internet-based fraud and identity theft

Crime Stoppers Victoria also develops and manages programs and initiatives which inform and educate the community about crime prevention and safety, such as the Bushfire and Arson Awareness campaign and the Travelling Con Men campaign.

Since 1987 when Crime Stoppers Victoria was first launched, the organisation has recorded the number of calls received from the public and how this information has assisted Victoria Police.

Its success is seen through statistics such as these:

  • Helped make more than 15,000 arrests.
  • Collected information to lay more than 60,000 criminal charges.
  • Aided police in solving over 70 murder investigations in Victoria.
  • Assisted in the recovery of $173 million worth of illegal drugs and stolen property.
  • The Crime Stoppers “Hoon Hotline” has received 40,000 calls from people with information about dangerous drivers and illegal street drag racing.
  • Over 615,000 calls made to Crime Stoppers.
  • Every month the Crime Stoppers website is visited by more than 40,000 people.
  • Every week Victoria Police arrest 15-20 criminals and lay 57 criminal charges thanks to information supplied by the community through Crime Stoppers.

*Source: Crime Stoppers Victoria statistics since 1987

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