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Crime Stoppers Tasmania |

Crime Stoppers Tasmania
  • Received more than 41,500 anonymous reports
  • Assisted with the arrest of more than 3500 persons and the recording of more than 16,000 offences
  • Contributed to the seizure of more than $7.2 million worth of drugs
  • Recovered more than $4.9 million worth of stolen and damaged property.

Motorola Solutions sponsors Crime Stoppers Week, a campaign to encourage and empower Tasmanians to join Crime Stoppers Tasmania in its mission to assist and support crime solving. It seeks to do this by helping Tasmanians recognise they play a part in keeping their community safe.

The campaign is the largest annual campaign run by Crime Stoppers Tasmania. In 2016 the campaign was launched in Hobart on Monday 25 April 2016.

Read here about the launch of the 2016 Crime Stoppers Week.