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Crime Stoppers Queensland |

Crime Stoppers Queensland

Supporting Queenslanders by creating safe and liveable communities continues to be Crime Stoppers Queensland’s ((CSQL) primary reason for operating. The program provides an avenue for the public to assist police to solve crimes and making Queensland a safer place.

Queensland is unique to most other Australian States and Territories in that the program is supported by local Volunteer Area Committees, and Queensland’s’ continued success is due to the commitment of 500+ volunteers.

Since 1989 Crime Stoppers Queensland have provided a telephone service which allows people to share crime information anonymously. The core value in the Crime Stoppers program is that it allows and encourages the public to help stop, solve and prevent crime.

The Queensland public’s positive use of the program over the last eight years has led Crime Stoppers Queensland to become the first state to manage its contact centre in-house, becoming a fully self-sustaining and independent charity.

1. Stopping more crime in real time with Live Chat

To increase the accessibility of our service and encourage strong reporting levels, CSQL has continually expanded its reporting contact mediums, which now include phone, web and app platforms.

With the support of the Motorola Foundation CSQL has expanding its reporting capabilities to include a live chat function.

The “Stopping more crime in real time with Live Chat” program involves developing a live chat reporting platform integrated into the Crime Stoppers website and app. This live chat function will allow real time reporting with information providers guided through the process by a specially trained operator.

It is also predicted that the addition of live chat to Crime Stoppers will lead to an increase in the number of arrests and charges made, as well as illegal objects and substances seized. In addition to its value to the general public and police, the live chat feature also has the potential to benefit specific types of crime, such as rail and transit crime where there are consistent calls for information or identification of suspects in situations where time is critical.

2. Annual Volunteers Lunch

Motorola Solutions supports the annual volunteers’ award lunch and have done so for the past eight years. This event helps recognise and celebrate the highly valuable contribution to the Queensland community that the Crime Stoppers volunteers make.

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