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Service Corps |

Service Corps

Our staff have also worked on properties in Strathewen, which were damaged by Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. Teams of staff have also worked in Oxfam shops at Christmas time, sorted goods for the Salvation Army op shops and worked at the Kevin Heinze Garden Centre. They have also contributed individually to not-for-profit organisations, such as Rotary and others. Steve Marriott serves as a volunteer firefighter with support from Motorola Solutions.

Our own Feisar Joya was awarded the CEO Award for Volunteerism 2012. He was recognised for works with Adelaide Light Rotary Club, which provides financial support for education to children in low or no income families in Bogota, Colombia. Joya coordinates events to raise money and has personally forged a strong partnership with the Rotary Club in Colombia to ensure funds are spent appropriately. Only ten outstanding Motorola Solutions volunteers are chosen from the global workforce each year. Winners not only receive recognition from the CEO and the company, but are able to direct a US$5,000 grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation to contribute to the non-profit organisations they serve.

The collective 80,000 volunteer hours that Motorola Solutions employees globally contributed in 2014 makes a big impact in communities around the world. Motorola Solutions employees are currently on track to meet the 2015 corporate responsibility goal of engaging 20 per cent of the Motorola Solutions employee base in employee volunteerism and giving programs.