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Oxfam Trailwalkers |

Oxfam Trailwalkers

For several years Motorola Solutions has fielded teams in the challenging Oxfam Trailwalker, completing 100kms of often rough terrain in under 48 hours and called “the world’s toughest team challenge”. 

The report comes from the event in 2014 when $27,000 was raised by Motorolans:

Five teams participated the Oxfam challenge nationwide. Teams for Melbourne were: Batwing Blazers (Mark Moradi, Jing Wen Yong, Venkata Narra, Ashwini Jaykumar); Team Rola (Kelvin Teh, Adam Misaghi, Alvin Singh, Mark Abela); Moto Travelers (Andrew Youren, Bradley Gray, Shijith Prathapan, Jonathan Hall); and the Dropbears (Shoba Poobalan, Shayne Fernandez, Eric Salmon, Nigel Vanluinen).

Of sixteen walkers, fourteen crossed the finish line – which is well above the Oxfam average!

Brisbane’s inaugural team – the Moto Strollers – consisted of Sonia Anderson, Chris Maher, John McTainsh and, at very short notice, Sonia’s daughter, Brittany Engelbrecht.

In addition to raising funds, Motorola Solutions also provides essential communications gear for the day:

“Motorola equipment plays a vital safety and logistical function for Trailwalkers, reducing operating costs and maximising the positive impact of fundraising. In supplying essential communications equipment and the outstanding fundraising achieved by staff, Motorola has contributed to Oxfam providing lasting solutions in the communities we support. This is something that Motorola should be very proud of,” says Andy Mein, national Trailwalker manager, Oxfam Australia.