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Marketing Internships |

Marketing Internships

Every year an intern from Swinburne University joins Motorola Solutions to experience life in a busy marketing team.

This article, previously posted on Swinburne University’s website here, profiles our current intern, Nancine Accetta.

Getting great grades for your resume is one thing, but getting great work experience? Unbeatable. That’s why Nancine applied for a Marketing Intern Professional Placement role at Motorola Solutions, a global leader in two-way communication solutions.

“I’m just past halfway through my placement, and hand on heart, it’s the best thing that I have ever decided to pursue,” says Nancine.

“I’ve been given my own campaign to work on and manage. I’ve created videos and infographics. It’s been quite an integrated campaign and it’s really good experience for the future.”

Group assignments in the real-world

Working with other students on a group assignment can be killer. I mean, if you’ve read my Facebook message, why can’t you just tell me if you’ve done your part or not?! Ugh. Worst.

Yet, Nancine says group assignments have been the one of the highlights of her course. Yes, I know it’s strange, but hear her out.

“You can get good groups and bad groups at uni, but the experience of working with both is very important,” says Nancine.

“I’ve already come across real-life situations where I’ve had to collaborate with people that have different work styles or approaches. I’ve learnt that it’s about compromising and adapting, rather than everything working perfectly.”

One of the best moments of Nancine’s placement was flying to an industry expo in Brisbane and managing a Motorola Solutions stand by herself. She interacted directly with customers and was working alongside brand reps from other states who she’d never met before.

“It was such a great opportunity! I was able to meet new people from different areas of the business and learn things from them that I otherwise would never have known,” says Nancine.

Career goals are key

Working for a full year in industry is helping Nancine discover the type of career path she wants to pursue.

“I’ve always known that I’m passionate about advertising and marketing, but this placement has helped cement the fact that I’d be very happy doing this for the rest of my life. I would definitely recommend professional placements to other students because it’ll help shape your career, even if you’re not sure what you want to do,” says Nancine.

“It’s better to find out what you love before you finish your degree, rather than find out once it’s too late to change.”

In fact, Swinburne’s Professional Placements program was the reason that Nancine chose Swinburne in the first place. She applied, got accepted, scored a Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship because of her great work in high school and she says she wouldn’t change a thing.

“If I was 17, I’d do it all again. Don’t just follow your friends or go to the first uni you find.”

“Do your research or you might miss out on attending the university that’s perfect for you,” suggests Nancine.