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Indigenous Scholarships |

Indigenous Scholarships

Motorola Solutions would like to congratulate four young Australian scholars: Kym Ashby, Darren Kruger, Jordan Collard and Isaiah Attkins (pictured (left) with Andrew Haslock). All four are recipients of an indigenous scholarship, which aims to support indigenous students in tertiary studies of specific areas: science, technology, engineering and math programming (STEM).

Curtin University (Perth): Motorola Solutions Indigenous Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship aims to encourage and support Indigenous students studying at Curtin University in Perth throughout the duration of their undergraduate degree.

Professor Deborah Terry, Vice Chancellor of Curtin University, described the Motorola Solutions scholarships as “brilliant, as they provide the financial support that increases the likelihood that students will be successful. At Curtin, we are very focused on increasing opportunities for Indigenous students. These students, especially those who are from regional or remote areas, often need to engage in part-time work to support themselves to live and study in Perth. This puts a great deal of pressure on students, who are trying to maintain a full time subject load in addition to fulfilling their work commitments. The scholarships provide an annual stipend, but the flexibility means that these funds can be used for textbooks, travel or living expenses.”

Professor Terry particularly appreciated the fact that the scholarships focus on subjects such as IT, engineering and mathematics where there are fewer Indigenous students than in other disciplines:

“The scholarships signal where future employment is likely to be, that is, in technology-enabled areas. So they set up our Indigenous students and Indigenous young people to be successful in the future technologies that are currently transforming the economy.”

Isaiah Attkins, recent recipient of a Motorola Solutions scholarship at Curtin University, studies medicine and validates the Vice-Chancellor’s assessment:

“When I heard I got the scholarship I was over the moon. I thought, ‘now I don’t have to worry about the cost of textbooks and travel to uni’.”

Isaiah lives more than 100km from the Perth campus, rising at 5am every day to catch the train. He works at Coles during the term, then works at the mines as well during term breaks. The scholarship means that Isaiah has been able to cut back on his hours at Coles, providing more time for study.

“The scholarship is a great privilege. I was already very committed, but I am even more committed now.”

Andrew Haslock, senior commercial lawyer and chair of Motorola Solutions’ Diversity and Inclusion Council (ANZ), attended Curtin University’s Awards Presentation to present the awards on behalf of Motorola Solutions:

“I was able to spend time with the two Motorola Solutions scholarship recipients, Jordan Collard and Isaiah Attkins,” says Andrew. “To have first met these two young men last year during the interview process and then have the opportunity to meet them and their families on such a joyful occasion was personally very satisfying for me. I would like to also thank Curtin University, who were very dedicated throughout this process and Motorola Solutions could not be happier with the outcome.”

University of South Australia: Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous Scholarship

The Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous Scholarship, open to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders in an engineering or IT undergraduate program at the university, was shared by two students in 2016. Kym Ashby received a scholarship valued at $10,000 apportioned over the life of his program and Darren Kruger received a scholarship valued at $2,500.

Gavin Wanganeen was a brilliant AFL player as well as Brownlow Medallist, five-time All-Australian, Port Power best and fairest and first indigenous AFL life member. Even more importantly, he has become a role model for indigenous youth throughout the country.

The Gavin Wanganeen Indigenous Scholarship was established to support disadvantaged indigenous students to complete a university degree, particularly those with a strong desire to succeed and give back to their communities.

About the scholarships

One of the central tenets of Motorola Solutions’ corporate social responsibility program is education. As a company with a long history of technology and innovation, we are committed to supporting educational programs that help the next generation strengthen their skills and interest in our focus areas: science, technology, engineering and math programming (STEM).

The scholarships are funded by the Motorola Solutions Foundation in conjunction with Motorola Solutions Australia. The foundation is the charitable and philanthropic arm of Motorola Solutions, which seeks to benefit the communities in which we operate.