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Green Scheme: Rewarding Recycling |

Green Scheme: Rewarding Recycling

At Motorola Solutions, we constantly seek to reduce our environmental footprint in order to better both the planet and our business. We always aim to design and produce energy efficient products which contain environmentally preferred materials that are highly recyclable.

The Green Scheme is designed to promote the responsible collection, recycling and safe disposal of batteries through the added bonus of a financial incentive.

When you return ten batteries and simultaneously buy 10 new Motorola Solutions’ batteries, you will receive an eleventh battery free. Please note that there is a minimum order and recycling quantity of 50 batteries.

Returned batteries are sent back to Motorola Solutions via the ECOMOTO Takeback collection process, which ensures proper management of end-of-life products. Batteries are shipped to our fully audited, accredited recycling facility, which ensures that all recycling standards are met.

The Green Scheme helps to ensure that hazardous material does not harm the environment or human health, and encourages customers to take part in Motorola Solution’s journey in protecting our valuable environment.

How you can take part in the Green Scheme:

1.  Place an order for a minimum of 50 batteries and have the same amount of batteries ready for recycling. For every 10 batteries recycled and purchased at the same time you will receive an eleventh battery free.
2.  Email Annette Thomsen at to advise that you would like to take part in the Green Scheme.
3.  Ship batteries to the most appropriate Motorola Solutions location (see list by state below). Ensure packages are clearly labelled with:
      a.  Green Scheme Returns
      b.  Customer name
      c.  Battery quantity


Motorola Solutions Warehouse – Green Scheme Returns
Att: Edmond David
Unit 11,65 Parramatta Road Silverwater, NSW, 2128

ACTMotorola Solutions – Green Scheme Returns
Unit 6, 15 Beaconsfield Street, FYSHWICK, ACT, 2609
VIC / TASMotorola Solutions Warehouse – Green Scheme Returns
Att: George Thallas
Tally Ho Business Park, 10 Wesley Court, Burwood East, VIC, 3151
WAMotorola Solutions – Green Scheme Returns
Ground floor, 11 Kitchener Avenue, Burswood, WA, 6100
SAMotorola Solutions – Green Scheme Returns
Unit 2, 54 Sydenham Road, Norwood, SA, 5067
QLD / NTMotorola Solutions Warehouse – Green Scheme Returns
Att: Tony Chivell
7 Terrace Place, Murarrie, QLD, 4172
NZThis program is not applicable for New Zealand customers

If you require any further information in regards to the Green Scheme, please contact Annette Thomsen.

Click here for Green Scheme flyer.