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Meeting Greater Customer Demands of Transport & Logistics |

Transport and Logistics
General Manager, Radio Channel, Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands
Meeting Greater Customer Demands of Transport & Logistics

Customer expectations of the transport and logistics business are increasing as customers demand greater flexibility and visibility. Consumers and businesses take it for granted that they can get almost anything, any time they want. And they want to track that delivery at every stage.

With skilled labour in short supply and operating margins under continuous pressure, these businesses must be able to do more with what they have.

So delivering faster with minimal errors and at a lower cost than competitors gives a critical advantage.

This can only be achieved with effective voice and data communications. Reliable communications enables instant information for drivers, rigorous tracking of fleet assets, informed and safer workers, streamlined operations and adequate cost control.

Motorola Solutions’ new MOTOTRBO for Transport and Logistics eBook shows how enterprises worldwide are using MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios to connect people, fleets and locations everywhere, and experiencing improvement in the three critical areas: safety, efficiency and productivity.


Angela Chambers of Wentworth Carrying in New Zealand knows this firsthand: “This [MOTOTRBO] system is definitely more efficient and the cost savings are across the board. We’ve not only saved on mobile phones costs, but we save time, which is a big factor, by making everything quicker and easier. A job which used to take one hour now takes nowhere near that time. It’s hard to put a monetary amount on the value because there’s so much time saved as well.”


Push-to-talk two-way radios are not subject to the tight regulation governing mobile phones, because they are intrinsically easy to operate and therefore less of a distraction to drivers. Drivers can safely deal with text messages via text-to-speech without taking their eyes off the road.

Other safety measures are priority voice and data communications that cut through routine transmissions to call for help in an emergency. Remote vehicle status monitoring allows fleet management teams back at the office to see if doors are open, the airbag deployed and other real time status updates.

Applications and features include:

  • Indoor location tracking: finds workers quickly and issues reminders if they enter hazardous locations (HazLoc)
  • Integrated accelerometer: detects movement and issues alerts if the worker appears to be motionless or to have fallen
  • Intelligent audio: instructions get through flawlessly fluctuating road noise or the clamour of a busy warehouse as volume adjusts automatically


Smart analytics and closer collaboration – person-to-person, machine-to-machine – allow just-in-time inventory management and process automation, saving time and money. Operations-critical data applications, such as work order ticket management, track orders, confirm deliveries and keep tabs on workflows to pinpoint opportunities to streamline processes. Drivers can avoid trouble spots, and alert the office instantly if there are problems.

Applications and features include:

  • Remote software updates over Wi-Fi: all radios can be managed from a central location, with no need to bring radios back to base for radio maintenance
  • Redesigned audio amplifier: speech is much clearer, especially at high volumes
  • Dual-port microphones: designed to reduce wind noise
  • Optional SINC+ noise cancellation: improves clarity by reducing background noise, such as revving engines in loading bays or road noise
  • Doubled RAM and Flash storage: future-ready storage capacity supports new features as they are introduced


An integrated voice and data communication system can help drive productivity everywhere in your transportation and logistics operation, whether that’s drivers, trucks, forklifts or lifting gear.

Every extra delivery you can make in a working day sharpens the competitive edge. The dramatic enhancements to the MOTOTRBO portfolio deliver the audio quality, coverage, battery life and built-in intelligence that help users to work confidently and safely for longer.

Applications and features include:

  • Range increased by up to 8%: coverage extends further across sites
  • Extended battery life: low-voltage technology gives up to 25% longer run-time with existing batteries
  • Enhanced durability: improved sealing to keep out dust and water
  • Silent alert: vibrating belt clip for selected models helps ensure users don’t miss alerts in noisy environments, such as loading bays or warehouses

With MOTOTRBO, downtime and delays can be avoided, fleets can be more reliable, deadlines can be met consistently and errors can be eliminated. All this leads to a business that meets or even exceeds customer expectations.


Martin Chappell

General Manager, Radio Channel, Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands

Martin has responsibility for Motorola Solutions’ Australian, New Zealand and Pacific islands commercial radio channel including its vibrant and active channel partner community of more than 55 specialists across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Martin brings more than 20 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications sectors, including roles at Asia Global Crossing, PowerTel and AAPT. Most of Martin’s working life has involved ...