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Managed Oil and Gas Comms at QGC |

Mining, Oil and Gas
Managed Oil and Gas Comms at QGC

QGC is a leading natural gas explorer and producer focused on establishing the world’s first project to convert gas from coal seams into liquefied natural gas at Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG). QGC’s extensive radio network covers the gas production area in the Surat Basin of southern Queensland, including a 540km underground pipeline to Gladstone and the Curtis Island plant near Gladstone where gas is liquefied.

Motorola Solutions has provided more than 1,200 TETRA radios, which make up approximately half the fleet of radios onsite. Motorola Solutions provides managed services for all radios onsite, including third party radios from other providers such as Cassidian and Selex. Managed services also cover the radio network as well as microwave links.

Reliable communications are an essential occupational health and safety requirement at QGC, so operations cannot commence without them. The decision to build the communications network early delivered a competitive advantage for the company.

One-stop-shop for repairs

Motorola Solutions’ managed services for the microwave links, the radio network and the radios themselves – regardless of brand – have provided great benefits to QGC.

Safety: QGC’s business is gas production, operating more than 2,500 wells spread over approximately 4,000 square kilomatres, with a TETRA footprint covering more than double that area. Maintaining effective communication is essential for the safety of QGC’s people and assets, which is achieved with a reliable and robust system.

Seamless interoperability between radios: During the installation of the network, Motorola Solutions took responsibility for the logistical and technical challenges of achieving interoperability between all radios regardless of provider. Motorola Solutions planned, managed and tested all third party radios to ensure that functionality was consistent across all devices, and that the radios would perform in a similar or equivalent way.

QGC landscape

Agnostic device management: Motorola Solutions managed services provide ongoing service and support for all radios on QGC’s sites, irrespective of whether they are Motorola products or not. If a radio fails, repairs become the responsibility of Motorola Solutions regardless of the radio provider, providing a “one-stop-shop” for QGC.

Disaster recovery capability: Motorola Solutions managed services ensure that the microwave links, which provide backup for the fibre links, are always available. The microwave links began as the principle communication system in order to enable rapid deployment, then transitioned to a disaster recovery solution once the fibre network was in place. The reliability of the microwave links is critical because any damage to the cable has an impact on the whole communications network, including the wells and internal IT processes. With downtime potentially costing millions of dollars per hour, reliability of the backup is vital.

Better efficiency: Much of the area of QGC’s operations is not covered by mobile phone coverage, so in many places TETRA is the only communication system. The system enables QGC to contact all its people all the time, without travelling to an area of phone coverage, which has led to better use of manpower and greater efficiency.

Onsite assistance 24/7/365: Two Motorola Solutions personnel are onsite on 14 day rotations providing assistance every day of the year, meaning that experts are available to provide repairs as required.

Click here to read the QGC case study PDF.