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2018 Public Safety Hackathon Melbourne |

44 hours of fast paced agile development and condensed creativity to spur innovation and create technologies needed for tomorrow. 

Join us at our Melbourne Public Safety Hackathon on 14-16 May at PwC headquarters for a unique opportunity for agencies and developers to collaborate, innovate and contribute to safer Australian communities.

Today’s data and technology-rich world provides new opportunities for Australia’s public safety agencies. With fast, secure access to real-time information and data, agencies could reach new levels of performance and safety, enabling first responders to collaborate with peers and maintain complete situational awareness.

Yet real-time access continues to present a challenge. More, a potentially overwhelming deluge of data creates a distraction for responders, rather than enabling them to utilise the right data at the right time to make better decisions.

Cooperation between government, emergency services, the private sector and the application development community is essential to find the solution.

Motorola Solutions’ Public Safety Hackathon brings these groups together to find innovative ways to solve these challenges.

Our first Hackathon for 2018 takes place in Melbourne on 14-16 May 2018.

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