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HACKATHON — Sydney — 13-15 Sep 2017 |

Public Safety
HACKATHON — Sydney — 13-15 Sep 2017

Last year’s HACKATHON was a huge success. In the 48 hours available, winners Fleetsu came up with a public safety application designed to solve current challenges in the industry. 

Motorola Solutions, working in partnership with public safety agencies, will host this year’s HACKATHON in September 2017 with the aim of developing innovative, data-driven applications which create dynamic common operating environments that strengthen situational awareness, safety and response.
The three-day challenge will start with an overview of the operational challenges experienced by public safety agencies, followed by a technical overview and Q&A session. External application developers will then have 48 hours to work in teams to brainstorm, develop and code intuitive apps to address the operational challenge, with great prizes at stake. 
Good luck teams!

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