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Grey Import Radios ‘‘Not So Smart’‘ When it Comes to Apps |

Business Apps
Grey Import Radios ‘‘Not So Smart’‘ When it Comes to Apps

Customers who buy Motorola Solutions two-way digital radios from unauthorised or ‘‘grey” resellers are missing out on access to the full range of locally developed smart applications (apps) from Motorola Solutions Australia and its authorised partners.


In today’s digital economy, applications represent one of the biggest benefits of using Motorola Solutions digital radios as they greatly extend business’ safety and productivity capabilities.


Motorola Solutions applications can only be sold and supported by local, authorised partners. This means radios imported to Australia through unauthorised channels not only forgo the rigorous checks and balances we’ve put in place to ensure their safe operation under local conditions, they are also blocked from using the growing number of applications sold through the local authorised channel.


Grey imports, also known as parallel imports, is the term given to products – mainly electronic equipment – sold via unofficial and unauthorised channels than those authorised by the original manufacturer.


Buyers may not always recognise the dangers of buying grey import products, or realise the hidden costs of bypassing the authorised channel.


Motorola Solutions continually invests in developing all three leading two-way radio standards – APCO P25, TETRA and digital mobile radio (DMR). As such we’ve developed a range of smart applications for our radios that enable users to do more with less, and for companies to gain real intelligence from their use in the field. These applications are simply not available unless you buy your radios from a genuine Motorola Solutions partner.


One such example is WAVE, an application which enables easy interoperability between the different radio standards and can also link smart devices such as phones and tablets to the radio network to dynamically create talk groups among teams.


This level of interoperability and fleet management is becoming increasingly important in Australian businesses, particularly where different groups could use multiple devices – and device types – to communicate with each other, such as managing complex transportation and logistics schedules, large events, security installations or remote worksites. Other apps available today include lone worker solutions, GPS locationing, job ticketing and dispatch.


While buying grey may seem like a way to save on upfront costs, it’s not so smart when you’re losing out on the ability to use apps such as WAVE. Not only does this negatively impact the actual value of the investment, it also means any sell-on benefits are greatly curtailed because the same restrictions are passed on to secondary buyers.


The only way to get the most from Motorola Solutions radios is to buy them through an authorised channel partner.


This also means you get full access to local support – reducing turnaround time if repairs or maintenance are needed through the availability of Motorola’s exclusive extended warranty and service plan options. This, and full access and support to the growing library of applications that greatly increase the value of the initial investment are all provided.


Motorola Solutions Australia stands behind all of its authorised partners and does not provide service or support for any grey radios within Australia.


From potentially putting unsafe equipment in employees’ hands, putting your business operations and finances at risk and missing out on wider benefits including safety and productivity enhancing apps and service support – grey radios just aren’t worth the risk.


Radio owners who are concerned about the genuine nature of their radios or wish to discuss this practice are encouraged to contact a Motorola Solutions channel partner or Motorola Solutions directly.