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Extending our Mobility Journey with Victoria Police |

Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand
Motorola Solutions
Extending our Mobility Journey with Victoria Police

Our ability to access information while on the move has made a big difference to our lives as consumers. Smart phones and the applications that power them have opened new gateways to how we organise our lives, stay connected, informed and entertained.

[Right: Acting Senior Sergeant Michelle Driscoll and Sergeant Trent Murphy present concepts for Victoria Police force’s mobility solution to media.]

Today we use mobile technology to meet with colleagues all over the world, catch up with news and social updates and stay connected with our friends and families.

Now, the ability to consume information on the go is taking hold in Australia’s public safety environment.

Recently, we were pleased to announce that Motorola Solutions had won a major contract to provide a new mobility managed service to Victoria Police, helping to increase situational awareness, safety and productivity for frontline police officers.

We first provided mobile data for Victoria Police around 12 years ago through the Mobile Data Network which delivered critical information to police vehicles and Ambulance Victoria – a service those agencies continue to depend on today.

Our new mobility solution will be delivered as a holistic managed service.

It is designed to keep police officers policing, and to enable them to collaborate by sharing vital information between frontline personnel and their colleagues working in control rooms.

The new mobility solution will also help to free up more user traffic from Victoria Police’s mission-critical radio network by removing lower priority traffic and inquiries.

The solution includes, mPol, a mobile application platform developed by Gridstone, a mobility workflow company that Motorola Solutions recently acquired.

Gridstone’s platform has been successfully implemented by Queensland Police and is helping to save their officers at least 30 minutes per shift in desk work time .

Motorola Solutions will now lead a consortium of service providers to help bring similar capabilities to Victoria Police. Joining us to deliver the service are:

Optus: providing carrier network services; and

CompNow: supplying Apple mobile devices, logistics and device repair services.

The managed service contract is valued at more than AUD $50 million and will run for a minimum of five years with the potential to extend to 11 years.

Investing in mobility lays a foundation in new capabilities which can be added to over time. This can include enhancing real-time, operational awareness by increasing collaboration between officers in the field and control room environments.

Among the solutions used to achieve this goal are bodyworn video cameras to increase officer and citizen safety and accountability and applications to extend the reach of radio networks to technology users carrying a variety of different devices and more.

We are excited to continue our mobility journey with Victoria Police and to provide technology solutions to help public safety agencies to work more safely, efficiently and productively.

This article was originally published by Steve Crutchfield on LinkedIn here

Steve Crutchfield

Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, Motorola Solutions

Steve Crutchfield has responsibility for Motorola Solutions’ Australian and New Zealand business, leading the sales and design, development and delivery of mission-critical communication solutions for government and enterprise customers across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Steve brings more than 20 years of experience in the information and communications technology sector. He first joined Motorola Solutions Australia in 2007 and ...