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Elgin Police: Intelligence-Led Public Safety Solutions |

Elgin Police: Intelligence-Led Public Safety Solutions

Public safety applications (apps) provide access to critical information, enabling emergency services to proactively manage resources and dynamically analyse data in order to better protect and serve the community. One agency already achieving this is the Elgin Police Department, in Illinois, US, which is at the forefront of next generation public safety. Their proactive policing approach and community-focused philosophy are so successful, the crime rate in Elgin is at a 40-year low. 

A real-time platform – enabled through Motorola’s Intelligence-Led Public Safety (ILPS) solutions – delivers
actionable intelligence to those who need it most. As Elgin Police discovered, personnel throughout their organisation now benefit from improved situational awareness, better strategic planning, faster responses and increased safety for responders and citizens.

Rather than buying a number of disparate software solutions and trying to make them work together, Elgin
Police value the ILPS platform because they can add existing tools and enhance with future applications. Now
that the backbone is in place, the system will evolve with them easily as their needs grow.

Sergeant Bisceglie explains: “It is imperative for any administration to understand that technology is changing the landscape of police work,” emphasizes . “There is so much technology out there, it is overwhelming. One great aspect
about this platform is, that with a little development, it can integrate with any system. I think the possibilities for
Motorola’s ILPS solutions in our organisation are endless.”

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