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Coverage from Park Edges to Underground |

Coverage from Park Edges to Underground

As part of a commitment to providing world-class recreation facilities for residents and visitors, Brisbane City Council established City Parklands Services Pty Ltd (City Parklands ). This organisation manages the staff responsible for operational services for South Bank and Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane. These teams work on-site to ensure both parklands continue to contribute to the council’s vision for a vibrant and liveable city.

To improve the existing communications system for all staff, a Motorola Capacity Plus system was rolled out with 90 MOTOTRBO two-way radios and two MOTOTRBO DR3000 repeaters. Previously South Bank Parklands had used two-way radios with inadequate coverage, particularly in the underground carpark. In the absence of good radio reception, operational staff frequently used mobile phones, which were prone to functionality limitations and black spots.

With minimal disruption and risk mitigation the critical requirements, a new system was implemented in January 2016. Two-way radios were issued to all groups – electrical, maintenance, water, horticultural, cleaners, security staff and life guards (operating at the lagoon) – with a dedicated channel each.

A number of important objectives were achieved by the upgrade: 

Improved worker security: The safety and security of workers in the area is paramount, so reliable coverage has improved this. If the duress button is pushed because a worker has fallen, cannot speak or is in a dangerous situation, security staff immediately know who is affected because the radios are allocated to particular users. Emergency calls go directly to security and operational heads of departments.

Complete coverage: With the upgrade from an analogue to a digital system the parklands have total coverage, including in the underground carpark. 

Better communication between teams: The system has significantly improved communication between team members. There are now four talkback channels so one person can talk to an individual staff member if need be, for example, for a technical conversation. Supervisors also have the capability to talk to the whole group. And if
required, a general alert can be broadcast in the case of fire or flood. 

Increased productivity: Previous lack of coverage at the office made tasks significantly harder. With improved communication, team members are no longer trying to find each other and, consequently, productivity has increased.

Adequate talk groups/channel capacity: Previously each additional talk group required a new frequency, which are rare given the high density of Brisbane. City Parklands now has a private talk group dedicated to each group, with additional channels available if required.

Rugged devices: Former radios deployed at the lagoon constantly required repairs because of water getting into the devices. With new rugged MOTOTRBO radios, this is no longer an issue.

Read the City Parklands case study here.