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Congratulations Dennis Hayes Logging! |

Congratulations Dennis Hayes Logging!

We wish to congratulate one of our customers – Dennis Hayes Logging – who recently won a health and safety award. This is no mean feat in the New Zealand forestry industry, which is under great pressure to reduce injuries and deaths. 

When we interviewed the director of Dennis Hayes Logging, Jeremy Hayes, safety was uppermost in the minds of all New Zealand forestry businesses. In 2013, ten forestry workers died in New Zealand, and the country’s first forestry-related manslaughter charges were laid.

So Motorola Solutions is delighted to hear that Dennis Hayes Logging was awarded the Forest Health and Safety Award at the recent Southern Wood Council Forestry Awards 2015 in Dunedin. Click here to read the news article announcing the win.

At the time of the case study, Hayes had this to say about better worker safety: “Health and safety is huge in New Zealand, but the digital mobile radio (DMR) system has improved safety as everyone knows what’s going on and where everyone is. Communication between logging crew members is key. With the risk of 48 tonne machines causing injuries, we need constant and clear communication.” 

“Tree fellers often work on opposite sides of a hill, unseen by anyone. Previously they had to call in every 30 minutes, but now the radio starts an alert tone at 27 minutes. If they don’t call in within two minutes, an emergency beacon is sent to the whole crew. Workers can get on with the job without worrying about keeping track of time yet they’re still monitored for safety in the lone-worker situation.” 

“Every morning, we record which radio each worker has, so if the emergency beacon goes off we know who is affected. Also, we plan to implement the man-down function. If the handset is horizontal for more than a certain period of time, the alarm goes off. Both times we’ve been audited, the inspectors were impressed by the gear.”

Congratulations Dennis Hayes Logging!

Click here for the case study PDF.