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Communication Untethered: Move Freely Without Wires in the Way |

Communication Untethered: Move Freely Without Wires in the Way

Safe and efficient work practices mean enabling workers to communicate effectively without cumbersome – or potentially dangerous – wires in the way. Motorola Solutions’ accessories help workers complete tasks more productively and safely.

Whether you work in construction, a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, you need to communicate critical information. And you need to do it safely. If maintenance workers on your team need to access supplies but require a ladder to reach them, how do they navigate without their equipment getting in the way? With a radio on their hip tethered to a remote speaker microphone, moving around safely and without restrictions can be a challenge.

Imagine if you could still communicate critical information during everyday tasks while keeping safety top of mind? With Motorola Solutions’ wireless remote speaker microphone (RSM), you can move away from your radio to a distance of up to 10 metres, allowing you to take your radio off the belt when it gets in the way of your job. This is especially helpful when you are working in tight places, fixing machinery or operating a manufacturing line.

With the wireless RSM, you can manoeuvre in tight spaces with ease, handle machines and equipment without worry and operate forklifts without a radio getting in the way. Simply connect your wireless RSM to your MOTOTRBO DP4000 Series radios and you are ready for your busy workday.

If an accident were to happen, you can instantly call for help with a simple push of the emergency button located on the wireless RSM. Confidently transmit every word without being truncated thanks to our unique push-to-talk (PTT) protocol and low latency.

You face challenges on a daily basis but communication shouldn’t be one of them. That is why we designed each button and function with your daily operations in mind. The emergency and PTT buttons are large but recessed, so you can push them while wearing gloves but accidental activation should not be an issue. Even in dark places, this remote speaker microphone won’t let you down. With its task light, you are able to read important information even while working in a dark hallway or basement.

Work safer and smarter with the Motorola Solutions wireless remote speaker microphone for MOTOTRBO DP4000 Series radios.

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