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Calling All Software Developers: Create Solutions for Australian Community Safety! |

Public Safety Apps
Calling All Software Developers: Create Solutions for Australian Community Safety!

Motorola Solutions is excited to announce that HACKATHON is back!

Are you an application developer? Would you like to experience a unique opportunity to collaborate, innovate and contribute to building safer Australian communities?

Motorola Solutions, working in partnership with Australian public safety and goverment agencies, is delighted to announce this year’s HACKATHON will occur in September 2017, building on the success of last year’s inaugural event.


The aim of HACKATHON is to develop innovative, data-driven applications. These applications should create dynamic common operating environments that strengthen situational awareness, safety and response for public safety agencies.

The three-day challenge starts with a presentation of real life operational challenges experienced by public safety and government agencies, followed by a technical overview and Q&A session.

External application developers then have 48 hours to work in teams to brainstorm, develop and code intuitive apps to address the operational challenge, with great prizes at stake.

Is this the first HACKATHON?

This is the second HACKATHON held by Motorola Solutions. In 2016, the inaugural HACKATHON was held in Brisbane where winners Fleetsu came up with a public safety application designed to solve current challenges in the industry.

Read more about HACKATHON 2016 here.

Why hold a HACKATHON?

Getting information to field workers or to the front line is critical. But it is also a challenge experienced every day by public safety agencies and government employees around the world. This HACKATHON focuses on developing innovative apps to converge LMR and broadband technologies so first responders and workers are better enabled to share usable intelligence as a key step for better team collaboration, safety and situational awareness. In this way, public safety and government agencies will benefit from some of the world’s leading minds’ problem solving and designing software.

Using real operational challenges as the starting point, hackers will develop apps which enable mobility by getting information into the hands of field workers or first responders in New South Wales, and potentially globally.

When and where is it?

13-15 September, Park Royal, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Who competes?

Anyone! You don’t need to be a public safety software expert to compete, as the challenges will be inherent to multiple vertical industries. 

Create a team of three to five developers to participate. To ensure you develop the strongest solution, your team may include up to five remote team members to support your team from behind the scenes.

How will the HACKATHON work?

  1. Public safety (including police, fire and ambulance) and government agencies will define one or more operational challenges they experience in delivering intelligence to field workers or the front line, relating to the effective use of LMR and broadband networks.
  2. Teams choose one of these operational challenges as their subject matter of focus for their app development.
  3. Motorola Solutions shares its solutions to facilitate and accelerate app development.
  4. External application developers work in teams to brainstorm, develop and code intuitive apps to address operational challenges.
  5. Public safety or government agency representatives will be available during the HACKATHON to answer questions and help ensure app development remains focused on the operational challenge.
  6. The code becomes “market IP” for further discretionary development by any participant.

We understand that a fully tested mobility app is unlikely! The goal is to produce interactive wire frames and designs to demonstrate how your app will work.

What’s in it for the winner?

In 2016, tech start-up Fleetsu received a huge amount of media interest with their win, with articles in iTwire, Critical Comms, Telecom Times, Business News and other publications, in addition to promotion by Motorola Solutions.

As well as media promotion, this year’s winner will receive:

  • $25,000 first prize*
  • Own the IP you develop**
  • Solve real operational challenges#
  • Global app development potential##

I’m a developer and I want to register!

Great! Visit the event website to register and to find out more information.

Good luck to all developers!


What’s in the fine print?

* Prize money may alternatively be provided as a donation to the winner’s nominated charity.

* Developers will own their applications, including any new IP created, subject to Motorola Solutions’ underlying IP in the Software Development Kit (SDK) (which will effectively be covered and protected by the SDK licence). Motorola Solutions is providing software “building blocks” to accelerate development but it is not mandatory to use them.

# It is at each public safety agency’s discretion to pursue ongoing development with the respective app developer, regardless of the winner. This is subject to the public safety agency’s individual procurement policies and own terms and conditions.

## Motorola Solutions’ SDK license for the HACKATHON can allow app developers to commercialise their developed IP worldwide. The only condition placed on this is the requirement for the app developer to first inform Motorola Solutions about the developed product to provide awareness of the apps on the market. Commercialisation of the app may also be subject to the NSW Government’s or other state or federal Government’s approval and/or confidentiality restrictions.